• FILE PHOTO - Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin introduces US Vice President Mike Pence to speak about the American Health Care Act during a visit to the Harshaw-Trane Parts and Distribution Center in Louisville

    Medicaid Work Requirements Dealt a Loss in Elections

    By Michael Rainey

    The effort to impose work requirements on Medicaid beneficiaries experienced a setback Tuesday with the apparent defeat of Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin. Bevin, a Republican, hasn’t conceded defeat in his...

  • Wealthy Could See a Huge Tax Windfall if Obamacare Is Overturned

    By Michael Rainey

    The lawsuit by 18 state attorneys general seeking to invalidate the Affordable Care Act would provide an enormous tax cut for wealthy households if it succeeds, according to an analysis by the Center...

  • U.S. President Trump speaks to reporters as he departs for travel to Kentucky from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington

    Trump’s Florida Tax Move

    President Trump is making Palm Beach, Florida, his primary residence. The New York Times reported Thursday that the president and first lady filed documents in late September making their Mar-a-Lago...

  • U.S. President Trump meets with Pakistan’s Prime Minister Khan at the White House in Washington

    Trump Pushes for More Tax Cuts Ahead of 2020 Election: Report

    By Michael Rainey

    With one eye on the upcoming election and the other on a decelerating economy, President Trump is pushing administration officials and Republican lawmakers to come up with a new package of tax cuts,...

  • Economy Cools as Trade War Bites, Tax Cuts Fizzle

    By Michael Rainey

    The economy grew at a 1.9% annual pace in the third quarter, according to preliminary data released by the Commerce Department Wednesday. Although the topline number was better than expected, the...

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